Ms. Paige's Pre K class.
    This will be a great year for our class.
    We have many exciting activities planned.

    Welcome to Sinclair's Elementary Pre-K Class

    Our program is designed to make the transition for your child into Kindergarten a highly successful one.  Pre-K is the last step before the journey into Kindergarten and the first step into Elementary school.  Either way you look at it, it is one of the most important stages in development and growth of children 4 to 5 years of age.  During this year we will introduce your child to the classroom setting, teach responsibility of themselves and their belongings, and develop communication skills with classmates and teachers.  In class we will focus on expanding language skills by working with alphabet recognition, alphabet sounds and phonological awareness.  Important math instruction of number recognition, number concepts, number operations, and patterning will be taught.  We will work in large groups as well as in small group settings for learning success.  During our classroom center time children will independently explore various areas of learning.  They will work on language, math, science, and on developing their small motor skills; forming letters and numbers properly, holding writing utensils correctly, creating and implementing cutting and crafts with self-direction.  We recognize that children learn and gain important knowledge through play.  Our Pre-K program is a nurturing, learning enriched environment that will meet the needs of the children as they prepare for transitionin to the elementary years.

    Ms. Paige

    Pre-K Teacher