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     Kickstart Kids Annual Gala Fundraiser  
     2014 Kickstart Kids' Annual Gala Fundraiser
    • Encourage students to resolve conflicts productively
    • Avoid participation in gangs
    • Choose a drug-free lifestyle
    • Remain in high school until they graduate
    • Develop inner-strength and resiliency
    • Increase daily school attendance
    • Believe in themselves and their ability to achieve their personal goals
    On August 16, 1992, the KICKSTART KIDS Foundation was formed by Mr. Chuck Norris. He wanted to provide an effective martial arts program that would teach kids all the valiant traits the martial arts has to offer. Today both Mr. and Mrs. Norris consider KICKSTART KIDS their greatest mission in life and are our greatest supporters.
    With the help of former President George H.W. Bush, the program was officially implemented in four middle schools in the Houston area: Burbank, Central, Hamilton, and Hogg.
    Today, our program operates in over 40 middle schools in the Houston, Dallas, Galveston, Austin/Pflugerville, Navasota, Bryan/College Station and Alvin areas of Texas. We currently serve over 6,500 of today's youth, making a positive impact in their lives.
    Martial art training serves as a vehicle to instill the values and skills necessary to combat the peer pressures associated with at-risk behaviors. The core philosophy of Martial Arts stresses the vital importance of a healthy mind and body necessary to lead a productive life.
    Our program is evaluated annually by an outside consultant, and the scientific case studies have shown that KICKSTART KIDS has impacted the lives of children in a positive way. The philosophies of our program are to attach our youth to caring adult instructors that contribute to the development of the student with conflict resolution skills that lead to a reduction in youth violence and bullying, creates more independence and competency while nurturing goals of higher aspirations in the students.
    • Building strong moral character
    • Teaching discipline and respect with positive reinforcement
    • Instill a sense of belonging
    • Instill empathy and compassion towards others
    • Provide an opportunity for meaningful participation in schools and communities
    • Set attainable goals
    • Create reflective individuals
    • Increase family participation
    • Transfers life skills
    • Collaborate with academic faculty and administrators to help improve our program's effectiveness in every participating school
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Kickstart Instructor

Clark, Chelsea

Position: Karate Instructor
Subject: Kickstart
Room: Gym
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