Dual Language

  • Meyerland PVA is proud to offer its students an advanced immersion Dual Language and Advanced Placement Program for speakers of Spanish and English.



    • Provide high-quality instruction to students in Spanish and English in order to develop fully bilingual and bi-literate communicative and literacy proficiencies in both languages.
    • Foster and develop a multicultural perspective and an appreciation of the cultures and peoples of the varied countries in the Spanish speaking world.
    • Attain high-level vocabulary, enhance reading and persuasive writing skills
    • Augment communication skills in the 3 modes of communication: Interpretive, Interpersonal and Presentational
    • Develop language skills based on the Five C’s defined by the Standards of Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century:  Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, Communities   
    • Prepare students to demonstrate communicative competence that reflects real-life communication
    • To achieve Intermediate-High to Advanced levels of proficiency
    • Prepare eligible students for the DELE Exam
    • Prepare eligible students for the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam
    • Create a culture of goal setting and develop college and career readiness skills in preparation for academic success in high school, the university, and the workforce.




    Students will take a placement test to determine their language track. 6th-grade students on DL Track 1 will earn two high school credits and continue their Spanish studies in high school to receive AP credit. Those on DL Track 2 will take advanced courses allowing them to be eligible for the AP Spanish Language and Culture course in 8th grade. Students in DL Track 2 will also have the opportunity to take the DELE Exam- Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera), or the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language.  






    7th-grade students in DL Track 2 may apply to take the AP Spanish Language and Culture Course. Requirements include an essay, an exam, an interview, teacher recommendation, and a student portfolio. Qualified students are chosen to take the AP class in 8th grade. Students will receive additional training in persuasive communication skills utilizing mature vocabulary pertaining to specific themes. These students will have the opportunity to earn 4 high school credits and university credits upon successfully passing the AP Exam. The continued course of study would be AP Spanish Literature and the AP Spanish Literature Exam in high school. Successful completion of the course and exam would enable the student to earn a minor in university credit.


  • Items to be submitted with the application:


    • A 100-word student-written essay, in Spanish, explaining why they would like to begin/continue dual language education.
    • Last year’s report card and their most recent progress report/report card

Dual Language Application

  • Dual Language

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