Project Based Learning

  • PBL
    Energy is a project based learning campus. This means that students will learn by doing, by investigating, and by problem solving. At the beginning of a multi-week project, students will be introduced to the standard based objectives through an engaging introduction that hooks students into the learning. Students will collaborate with their peers and will take an active role in their education during the process. Students immediately decipher what they know and what they need to know as a group and class to be successful on the project.

    As the project progresses, students will request “workshops,” which are mini-lessons, that focus on specific standards within the project. Each project culminates with a professional presentation. By the time a student completes four years of project based learning the learner will have worked in 20 different groups, on 20 different projects, and given over 30 different presentations. This method of learning has proven successful around the nation and develops a unique type of learner. It allows students to develop 21st century skills that will set them apart from their peers and make them more marketable to colleges and corporations.