• HISD Attendance & Truancy Information

  • Due to the new Truancy Law effective September 1, 2015, the following information is critical to the success of effectively implementing a campus-wide strategy to address daily attendance.
    • Promoting Great Attendance on Your Campus
    • Truancy Prevention Measures
    • Role of the Parent
    • Campus Administration Role
    • Classroom Teacher Role
    • Campus Attendance Clerk Role
    • 3 Steps for Unexcused Absences - All prevention measures should be documented or attached to the Truancy Prevention and Intervention form.

    The following documents have been created and revised to reflect changes in the new truancy law and support the work of tracking Truancy Prevention Measures/Interventions.  Please contact the Student Assistance Department if you have questions about any of the following forms, https://www.houstonisd.org/Domain/46908

    Truancy Prevention and Intervention Form
    Every person working with campus attendance and interventions may access this form to track ongoing truancy prevention measures for students and parents. This form may be downloaded and used to document all interventions. This form may be housed with the Campus Attendance Clerk, SIR, or Administrator over Attendance. This form may also be accessed on Chancery under the Truancy section.

    Student Attendance Contract
    Please attach this form to the Truancy Prevention and Intervention form to support the ongoing work of interventions. This form may also be accessed on Chancery under the Truancy section.


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    Important Documents

    1. DA Truancy Information

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