Principal's Message

  • Dear Houston families of The Energy Institute High School,

    Lori Lambropoulos
    As principal of the first high school devoted to preparing students for careers in the energy field, my goal is to deliver extraordinary firsts in learning. I am thrilled to be the leader of a school that is participating in a thematic approach to the school experience – mingling the exploration of energy careers with cutting-edge education. What a rich learning experience it will be to connect students’ passion to their educational know-how!
    Our school’s vision will be to focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics while breaking the barriers of the traditional classroom. Energy Institute students will participate in the first cutting-edge school programs to integrate new ideas such as:
    • for the first time, making a concerted school commitment to have students learn their core curriculum alongside both teachers and engineering professionals;
    • being among the first to use corporate level mathematical and scientific problem-solving simulations;
    • being the first high school students exposed to the concept of engineering and technology curriculum that has traditionally been reserved for the college student;
    • giving students first-time scholarship and externship opportunities through corporate partnerships;
    • being the first school in HISD absolutely devoted to remaining current, giving each student access to the most updated technological innovations in learning.
    Finally, regarding firsts, as a promise to our community, your children will always come first in our high school. The Energy Institute High School is their adventure. I commit to bringing our students an unforgettable and ground-breaking journey into the world of energy, technology, math, and science.
    Principal Lori Lambropoulos