2019- 2020 Administrative Support Team

Administrative Team and Support Staff
  • Botttom row left to right: Amber Pinchback, Scott Disch, and Daphne Rawlinson Top Row: Edna Kallus, Raquel Lira, John Lagrone, Stephanie Lugo, Tomica Linzer, and Maria Carranza

Contact Information

  • West University Elementary School
    3756 University Blvd. 
    Houston, TX 77005
    Telephone: 713-295-5215
    Fax: 713-667-8514
    Email: Please allow at least 24 hours for a response to your email. For urgent messages please call the main office. 
    School Administrators
    Scott Disch, Principal
    John Lagrone, Dean of Instruction
    Amber Pinchback, Asst. Principal
    Daphne Rawlinson, Asst. Principal
    Stephanie Lugo, Teacher Splst.
    Support Staff
    Edna Kallus, Registrar
    Tomica Linzer, Admin. Asst.