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Children At Risk Top 5 Elementary School, Greater Houston Area


Welcome to West University Elementary School

  • John Threet, Principal

    Phone: 713-295-5215

    After much thought, consideration, and family discussions, I have decided this will be my last year at West U and HISD, and I am retiring effective August 31 at the end of my contract year. 

    This has been a difficult decision for me and my wife.  I’ve waffled back and forth for months.  Earlier this week I talked to one of my daughters about this decision and she said, “This is hard for you, isn’t it?”  It most definitely is.  I’ve spent twenty-three years at West U; more than half of my adult life since college.  It isn’t easy to walk away from a school and position that has, to a great degree, defined me.

    I doubt I will get a chance to speak with each of you before I retire but please know that I deeply appreciate all the support I have received from our parents, the PTO, and our community during my tenure at this wonderful school. 

    Respectfully, John T. Threet, Principal   

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