Challenge Early College Clubs 2017-2018

  • Challenge Early College offers a variety of clubs on campus. Each year, students who are interested in starting in club may do so, as long as they have a Sponsor. This school year, we offer 22 different clubs:

    Ambassadors Club  - Sponsor: Ms. Webber (Go Center)

    The Ambassadors Club is a service organization that promotes college and career readiness. The curriculum uses peer-to-peer learning to empower students to take responsibility for planning and engaging in their own high school, college, and career road map; as well as provide the framework for students to promote a college-success culture among their peers.

    Art Club – Sponsor: Ms. Patrick (012 E)

    Exploration of drawing as an art form for the novice or for those with some experience. Emphasis on the development of visual awareness, appreciation, and discrimination. Various media and techniques employed in drawing from life and in varied visual exercises. The club’s primary goal is the development of an awareness and appreciation of the visual experience and of the limitless possibilities for making things of beauty and delight. Peer learning based largely on a conscious amassing of visual experiences and the development of seeing, upon which, eventually, to realize one's own visual language and visual value judgments.

    Building a Better Community Club – Sponsor: Mr. Morales (252A)

    Building a Better Community (BBC) is about creating a better community and a comfortable environment for everyone. Our goal is to help others and fight for acceptance. We want to help put a stop to bullying, discrimination, and unfair treatment. And we want to start with our own community. Our purpose is to make our school a safer and more comfortable environment for every student as well as to raise awareness within our school. Our goals are to create an environment where everyone is comfortable with who they are. We want to reduce discrimination by letting students have a better understanding of the complexity of society and its individuals.

    Business Professionals of America Club – Sponsor: Mr. Dennis (267)

    Business Professionals of America (BPA) is a national organization that prepares youth and young adults for successful careers in business.  Members work together to develop and perfect skills in various areas and create presentations that highlight those skills.  They compete at Regional, State, and National levels for recognition, awards, and scholarships.  BPA members also serve the local community via student-led community service projects and are afforded incredible networking opportunities with students and professionals from across the U.S. 

    Engineering Club - Sponsors:  Dr. Mironychev, Ms. Ramkissoon, Mr. Husain (258A & 258B)

    Invites creative, enthusiastic people to have fun in investigating of devices and machines around us. We are going to disassemble and assemble TV sets, computers or design and assemble different models of airplanes, radio sets and other. Interesting part of the club is the participation at engineering/science competitions in Houston and off the city. It will help you to develop your engineering skills and get points for your college portfolio. Everybody is welcome to the Engineering Club!

    Fitness Club – Sponsor: Coach Walls (Gym)

    Students access the gym along with various sports options allowing them to participate in recreational sports activities.

    Glee Club  - Sponsor: Ms. Aguirre (254C)

    The glee club is an informal chorus.  We get together and sing, sometimes just for fun and sometimes to practice for a performance.  Emphasis is placed on singing as a group rather than singing solo.  We plan on doing at least two performances this year, probably more.

    History Club – Sponsor: Ms. Roberson (260C)

    CECHS History Club will explore historical topics in through mediums such as film, cartoon, television, and the media. The class will encompass many topics related to American history. 

    GSA – Sponsor: Mr. Deleon (254A)

    Challenge’s Gender Sexuality Alliance is not just for LGBT+! If you have family or friends who are LGBT+, or just want to help out, join as a straight ally! Our mission is to bring together queer youth and straight allies to fight against homophobia, raise awareness, and create a safe space for LGBT+ youth to socialize and interact without fear of being themselves.

    Global Culture & Awareness – Sponsor: Ms. Hartsfield (260A)

    The Global Cultures and Awareness club will focus on International issues, as well as learn about cultures around the world.  We will be watching news-documentaries, movies, etc. that detail the ever-changing world we live in.  We will also focus on learning about cultures outside of our own, but seeing, hearing, and tasting their individual cultures!  This is also a great place for anyone interested in UIL Current Events, as we will focus heavily on current issues impacting our world!

    UIL Prose Poetry/Debate/Drama Club – Sponsor: Mr. Porter (Crossbox)

    UIL Prose poetry/debate/drama club will focus on enhancing the student's ability to compete and perform for competition.

    This is open to potential members who are currently involved with the Fall show or who have intentions of being involved with UIL debate in the Spring. Members participate in service projects and fundraisers throughout the year.

    Mentoring Club – Sponsor: Ms. Crawford (259A)

    This club gives students the opportunity to work directly with middle school students (sort of in a “big brother/big sister” capacity). They plan and organize specific trips to Pin Oak Middle school with activities and goals for each visit. The semester culminates with the middle school students touring Challenge and getting a peek at what high school has in store for them both academically and socially.

    Latin Dance Club: -- Sponsor: Ms. Mack (Redstairs)

    Latin Dance club provides a great environment to promote diversity, respect and appreciation for all cultures though the art of dancing.  We will come together with dance ideas and cultural knowledge to create dance routines.  Any dancing will be CECHS appropriate (G and PG).  Most importantly, keep the environment fun and learn about different cultures through interconnecting the many different dancing styles.  Everyone is welcome to join the Latin Dance Club.— Come see us in the red stairs!

    Music Club- Sponsor: Ms. Towns (261C)

    This is club is about having fun, learning, and feeling comfortable playing an instrument not only for yourself but also for others. Amongst many activities, we will be doing exercises to enhance our musical and social skills. All levels of musicians are welcome. We hope to have a fun year of learning and playing music, so come join us!

    Name That Book Club – Sponsor: Mrs. Goodman (Teachers Lounge Upstairs)

    This competitive club challenges students’ literary knowledge by competing with other select schools surrounding various genres of books.

    Newspaper Club – Sponsor: Ms. Puente (259C)

    Help start a school paper and have your voice heard!

    RPG Club (Role Playing Game) – Sponsor: Mr. Victor (H002)

    Applies math, social sciences & analytical thinking all in one.  

    S.O.A.R. Club - Sponsor: Ms. Sampson (258C)

    Students Offering Academic Readiness, SOAR, is a student- created club established for the purpose of assisting students in their college research and application process. Students who did not get accepted into EMERGE can now have the opportunity to receive help from hard-working EMERGE members who will teach lessons to small groups of students, divided by grade. 5 seniors and 1 junior EMERGE student will design lessons for these dedicated, ready-to-learn students so that they can become more informed on colleges and universities in an effort to better their future. Seniors accepted into the club will receive assistance with applications first semester and will apply for scholarships second semester. A maximum of 30 students will be accepted into the group.

    Street Law Club - Sponsor: Mr. Angle (H004)

    The Street Law club will discuss legal topics which the American Bar Association  considers fundamental to young people in daily life. This will include:  

    • The Legal Profession,

    • Relevant criminal law,

    • Business and civil law,

    • Constitutional rights,

    • The relationship between law, politics and current events

    • Emphasis will be placed on topics most relevant to the students who make up the club members.

    TEDEd Club -Sponsor: Mr. Silberman 

    We are now officially TEDEd Challenge Early College HS We will have three primary goals for the year: 1. Develop and execute our 3rd Annual TEDx event 2. Discuss social justice-based topics which are of interest to the group 3. Develop and perform our own TED Talks/Animations

    Track Club -Sponsor: Ms. Hunt 

    We will have goals that are written on excel spreadsheets. Fridays during clubs will be days that long stretches as well as catching up on running that was not done during the week. What you put in is what you get out of it. This is not a gym class this will be the motivation that you have. This is our first year and we are learning this together for future years at challenge.

    Volleyball Club – Sponsor: Ms. Laracuente (15 members) (261A)

    Volleyball Fun!

    If you would like to have a fun time, while getting fit, join our volleyball club. Fun time guaranteed!