Administration Directory

missing Name: Miller, Tonya R
Title: Principal
missing Name: Hernandez, Juan C
Title: Dean of Students, 10th & 11th Grade
missing Name: Jones-Coleman, Rachele D
Title: Registrar; Dean of Students, 12th Grade
missing Name: Saikin, Christopher W
Title: Dean of Students, 9th Grade

Office Directory

missing Name: Alvarado, Audrina
Title: Wraparound Specialist
missing Name: Del Rio, Laura
Title: Magnet Coordinator
missing Name: Johnson-Hopkins, Olivia J.
Title: Nurse
missing Name: Johnson-Moss, Yvette G
Title: Main Office Clerk
missing Name: Leal, Rita
Title: School Secretary
missing Name: Miller, Cameshia
Title: Student Support Manager
missing Name: Penna, Cynthia
Title: Attendance Clerk/SIR
missing Name: Puryear, Quentisha
Title: Intermediate IT Customer Service Representative
missing Name: Tojin, Kevin D
Title: General Clerk

Teacher Directory

Picture Teacher Name Title Course(s) Email Web Page
missing Branstetter, Kenneth E Teacher, History AP World History, AP Comparative Gov, AP U.S. Gov Web Site
missing Collins, Charles D Teacher, Math AP Statistics, College Algebra, Algebra II Web Site
missing Dennis, Walter Tchr, CATE/Business Administration CTE Business Administration Web Site
missing Dostert, Mark Teacher, English AP English Language, AP English Literature Web Site
missing Flores, Elaine Teacher, English English Web Site
missing Hartsfield, Melodie J Teacher, History AP Human Geography, AP Economics Web Site
missing Hendricks, Leah C Teacher, English English 2 Pre-AP, English AP Language and Composition Web Site
missing Hunt, Maxine H Teaching Assistant-10M Study Lab, Guidance Web Site
missing Husain, Syed A Teacher, Math Pre-AP Algebra Web Site
missing Johnson, Michael A Teacher, CATE/Computer Science AP Computer Science Principles Web Site
missing Mack, Crystal E Teacher, Science AP Chemistry, Chemistry Web Site
missing McLamb, Orbdella C Tchr,Interventn Gnrl-Ttl1 Hrly Web Site
missing Mironitchev, Alexandre Teacher, Math Pre-AP Geometry, AP Calculus, Pre-AP Pre-Calculus Web Site
missing Patrick, Natasha S Teacher, English Media Lit, Creative Writing, Photo-journalism Web Site
missing Porter, Eric W Tchr, Theater, Secondary Theater Arts Web Site
missing Ramkissoon, Savitri M Teacher, Science AP Physics, Pre-AP Physics Web Site
missing Roberson, Bea J Teacher, History AP US History, AP European History Web Site
missing Sampson, Elnora L Coord, College Access 10M College Access Coordinator, Guidance Web Site
missing Silberman, Joshua P Teacher, English G/T Independent Study, Advisory Web Site
missing Singh, Bina Teacher, Science AP Biology, Pre-AP Biology Web Site
missing Torres, Sandra Teacher, Spanish Spanish I-3, AP Spanish Web Site
missing Walls, Donnie K Tchr, Physical Education Physical Education, Health Web Site