Technical Support

  • Quentisha Puryear Intermediate IT CSR  


    Quentisha Puryear

    Intermediate IT Customer Service Representative




    IT Support is here to assist you in checking out, utilizing, and troubleshooting Challenge Early College High School’s technology and equipment. You can check out a laptop and/or hotspot, get a student ID card, troubleshoot or install electronics for the classroom, and more.

    After reviewing the FAQs, use the Tech Support Request link to submit your IT request.


  • First off, if you have any issues with your laptop, then you should always restart your computer and sign back in to try and fix it.

  • What do I need to know before I bring my laptop to you?

  • My mic isn’t working on my laptop.

  • MS Teams isn’t working anymore, but I don’t have the app-- I just use the website.

  • MS Office Suite isn’t working.

Last Modified on April 23, 2021