Faculty & Staff

Name: Tonya Miller
Email: tmiller@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Principal


Name: Kenneth Branstetter
Email: kenneth.branstetter@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: AP World History, AP Comparative Gov, AP U.S. Gov


Name: Charles Collins
Email: ccolli18@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: AP Statistics, College Algebra, Algebra II


Name: Ashley Crawford
Email: acrawfor@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Dean of Students for 10th and 12th Grade


Name: Manuel "Dan" DeLeon
Email: Manuel.Deleon@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Magnet Coordinator


Name: Walter Dennis
Email: wdennis@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: CTE Business Administration


Name: Mark Dostert
Email: mdostert@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: AP English Language


Name: Maria Garret
Email: mgarret5@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Pre-AP English 1


Name: Melodie Hartsfield
Email: mjordan6@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: AP Human Geography, AP Economics


Name: Juan Carlos Hernandez
Email: jherna21@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Dean of Students for 9th & 11th Grade


Name: Maxine Hunt
Email: mhunt1@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Study Lab, Guidance


Name: Syed Husain
Email: syed.husain@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Pre-AP Algebra


Name: Stefany Interiano
Email: stefany.interiano@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Dean's Clerk


Name: Rachele Jones
Email: rjones33@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Registrar


Name: Rita Leal
Email: rleal@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: School Secretary


Name: Crystal Mack
Email: cmack1@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: AP Chemistry, Chemistry


Name: Dr. Alexandre Mironychev
Email: amironit@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Pre-AP Geometry, AP Calculus, Pre-AP Pre-Calculus


Name: Yvette Johnson Moss
Email: yjohnso6@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Clerk, Main Office


Name: Nabil Panjwani
Email: nabil.panjwani@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Pre-AP English 1


Name: Natasha Patrick
Email: npatrick@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Media Lit, Creative Writing, Photo-journalism


Name: Cynthia Penna
Email: cpenna@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Attendance/SIR


Name: Eric Porter
Email: eporter1@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Theater Arts


Name: Savitri Ramkissoon
Email: sramkiss@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: AP Physics, Pre-AP Physics


Name: Bea Roberson
Email: brobers1@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: AP US History, AP European History


Name: Elnora Sampson
Email: esampson@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: College Access Coordinator, Guidance


Name: Josh Silberman
Email: jsilberm@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: G/T Independent Study, Advisory


Name: Dr. Bina Singh
Email: bsingh4@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: AP Biology, Pre-AP Biology


Name: Kevin Tojin
Email: kevin.tojin@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Hourly Clerk


Name: Sandra Torres
Email: sandra.torres@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Spanish I-3, AP Spanish


Name: Pablo Victor
Email: pvictor@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Campus Instructional Technologist, Yearbook, Journalism


Name: Donnie Walls
Email: dwalls@houstonisd.org
Subject or Title: Physical Education, Health