Roberts Elementary Registration

  • Welcome to Roberts Elementary!

    Students may register for Kindergarten through 5th grade throughout the school year depending on space availability (Roberts does not offer Pre-K).  Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis with all completed registration information.  HISD does not allow schools to hold spaces for new incoming students.  Your registration forms are not processed until all documents have been received.  You must have everything with you on the day of registration. 


    2021-2022 Neighborhood Enrollment 

    The following steps are posted in the Pre registration form with the instructions for completing each steps.

    Step 1. Registration form - 

    Roberts Registration Form 2021-2022

    Step 2: Registration Packet and Parent verification. Packet is available at Registration Packet

    Step 3: District online enrollment portal for the 2021-2022 school year at District Online Portal.  

    Once you have completed these steps, please come into the school to submit the packet and documents.  For more information please email

    PLEASE NOTE: Submission of this document certifies that all information is true and accurate. Enrollment of the child under false documents subjects the person to liability for tuition and costs under Texas Education Code §25.001(h).

    Please note you must bring in all required documents during registration.  Incomplete or partial documents will not be accepted. Documents may not be emailed to complete registration.

     For questions, please contact Roberts Elementary at  713-295-5272 

    Registration Check List

    • Residence is zoned to Roberts Elementary.   Use the Find Your School tool here.
    • Student will be enrolling in Kindergarten-5th Grade.  Roberts does not offer Pre-K.
    • Students enrolling in Kindergarten must be 5 years of age on or before September 1st in the year of enrollment.  This is a State Law and there are no exceptions to this law. 

      All of the following are required for Registration:

      _____  A total of 4 bills is required.  (i.e Electricity, Gas, Water, cable/Internet/Cellphone bill)

      Showing residential service with name and address of resident. If not available, confirmation                            
      letters of established account on utility company letterhead will suffice.


      _____ Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) statement showing Homestead Exemption for
      current year or Warranty Deed if you recently purchased your home.


      ____    Lease Agreement (if applicable) If you are currently leasing a home or apartment the lease must list all occupants living in the home including all children.  Please bring the entire typed lease agreement. All lease agreements are subject to verification. Please also bring in proof of payment for current rent.


      _____  Current driver's license of the parent showing the same address as the required documentation above.  International families must provide a current passport as identification.


      _____  Birth Certificate - Original state issued birth certificate required for students born in the United States; Passport required for students born outside of USA.


      _____  Immunization records including all of the following required by the State of Texas: 

      Immunizations must be translated in English by a licensed non-custodial medical professional 

      *DPT series - 5 doses, last booster after fourth birthday (4 doses if 4th given after 4th birthday)

      *Polio series - 4 doses, last booster after fourth birthday (3 doses if 3rd given after 4th birthday)

        *MMR - 2 doses given after first birthday

      *Hepatitis B - 3 doses

      *Hepatitis A – 2 doses, first dose received after first birthday

      *Varicella - 2 doses, (or certification from parent that the child has had the disease)


      _____  Social Security card (optional - if student has SS#)


      _____  In cases of divorced parents, provide documentation if both parents do not have equal custodial rights to the child while at school. Roberts Elementary requires an original stamped document signed by the judge. 


      _____  Students enrolling in kindergarten through 5th grade need the last report card or withdrawal paperwork from the previous school and the address of previous school so that complete records can be requested. All records must be translated in English.  This includes preschool reports.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.