Fine Arts Program

  • Common to all subject areas across the curriculum are various "overarching" skills and processes, such as synthesis, analysis, reasoning and communication. Integrating the fine arts into our curriculum through instruction and assessment supports the development of these skills and processes.

    Through the study of the arts, Roberts Elementary students are encouraged to value and respond to their own perceptions, observations, emotions and intuitions. Students not only build skills, but also become more comfortable and confident in meeting the challenges of aesthetic self-expression.

    The Fine Arts program offers enrichment in general music, vocal and instrumental music, dance and visual arts. The fine arts department produces several outstanding children's musical productions each year. As a pull out program, instrumental training on the violin and piano have become an addition to our program. Children receive instruction in creative rhythms, lifetime and team sports. The work of our visual arts line the hallways with creative examples of children's artwork at its best.


    All students enrolled in Roberts participate in the Fine Arts program. To contact a specialist teacher, please browse the Ancillary Teacher contacts.