HISD’s Ascending to Men Project (ATMP) will seek to develop mentoring relationship for males across HISD. The program will leverage community resources and partnerships to provide males with advocates who will support them academically, socially and who will help them aspire towards a successful future. Students participating in the program will participate in a mentorship curriculum to help them address these issues, as well as workshops led by adult males from various industries, entrepreneurship tours, college visits and a culminating ATMP summit at the end of the year.



    • Increase high quality programming within each designated campus
    • Increase the leadership capacity of monitoring and providing instructional feedback that leverages improved teacher instructional delivery and student performance
    • Improve school attendance rates of participating scholars
    • Improve academic performance (GPA, STAAR, PSAT/SAT) for all students
    • Increase graduation rates; the number of students successfully transitioning into postsecondary education; and the number of students successfully entering the workforce
    • Lifting the community of these underserved schools
    • Decrease the occurrences of  disciplinary infractions
    • Increase leader capacity and community engagement among students in the program


    Program Contact:

    Derrick Emanuel, Director of Equity and Outreach- Demanuel@houstonisd.org

    Wilson Renteria, Senior Manager, Ascending to Men Project- Wrenteri@houstonisd.org


    Program Qualifications:

    The program is focused on the profile of  Tier II young men.


    Dates of the Program:

    Recruitment starts in August of each year and the mentoring sessions start based upon each individual school.