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    Across the nation, school districts are working to tackle one of the most vexing problems in urban schools: improving academic outcomes for African-American and Latino boys. President Obama, when launching the “My Brother's Keeper” Initiative, stated that improving the lives of young men of color is a “moral issue for our country.” In most American cities, dropout rates for African-American and Latino males are well above 50%, and they’re less likely to enroll or graduate from college than any other group.” —Schott (2010)



    MAS focuses on academic programming and mentorship of young men of color from Wheatley, Worthing, and Kashmere high schools. Scholars receive academic support from instructional specialists, one-on-one advising program managers, and mentoring by men of color in the community. MAS prepares students for college and professional careers and instills personal confidence.

    MAS exists to empowering young men of color to ignite positive change in their lives, schools, and communities by preparing them to attend and graduate from our nation’s top universities.


    Contact Person

    Alton Russell, Program Manager-

    MAS Email Address:


    Who qualifies for participation

    African American or Hispanic male students

    Strong academic potential based on STAAR and Report Cards

    Incoming 9th and 10th Graders


    Dates that Program Meets

    MAS program must be scheduled by a counselor and placed on the students’ course schedule



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