• I am interested in riding a bus to school, am I eligible to ride the HISD bus?

    HISD provides transportation for eligible students who attend their zoned schools of attendance, Magnet, or Special Education programs. To find out whether your child is eligible for transportation to his or her campus, visit the Student Eligibility channel of the HISD Transportation Services Web site.

    How do I get in touch with Bus Routing/Scheduling?

    HISD Bus Routing and Scheduling: 713-613-3040

    HISD Bus Stop Schedule by Destination click here for interactive list

    Individual Motor Pools:
        Barnett Motor Pool (1000 series routes):  713-845-5022 
        Butler Motor Pool (2000 series routes):  713-726-2100
        Central Motor Pool (3000 series routes):  713-676-9432
        Northwest Transportation Center (4000 series routes):  713-613-3049


    Who is eligible for Bus Transportation? 

    HISD provides bus service for eligible regular-education students who submit requests to their campus transportation coordinators and have them approved by the Transportation Services Department. Bus stops for most regular-education students are located at HISD campuses that are within one mile of the student's residence, but no further than two miles. The parent or legal guardian of a student who qualifies for bus service is responsible for transportation, if needed, to the student’s assigned bus stop.


    What about special-needs student transportation? 

    If a special-needs student's Individualized Education Plan requires transportation services, HISD provides district bus service to the closest available program that meets the student's needs. 

    The parent or legal guardian of a student who does not qualify for bus service is responsible for the student’s transportation, if needed, to the assigned campus. 


    Who do I contact at Pin Oak if I have any transportation questions?

    Kelly Moore
    Pin Oak Transportation Coordinator
    Phone: 713-295-6500
    Fax: 713-295-6511
    Email Kelly.moore@houstonisd.org

    Amy Sher
    Special Education Department Chairperson
    Phone: 713-295-6500
    Fax: 713-295-6511 
    Email asher@houstonisd.org

    Edit Churchill 
    Pin Oak Magnet Office Assistant
    Phone: 713-295-6500
    Fax: 713-295-6511
    Email edit.churchill@houstonisd.org