• The safety of students is of major concern to our staff and parents and is our first priority. Parents and students should review these guidelines for safely coming and going.

    • Walk at all times.
    • Cross streets with the crossing guard.
    • Cross streets at the corner after making sure conditions are safe.
    • Walk on sidewalks.
    • Do not talk to strangers-do not accept rides with strangers.
    • Always follow a planned, direct route to your destination.
    • All bicycle riders must wear protective headgear.
    • Walk your bike across major intersections with the crossing guard.
    • Bicycles must be walked on campus.
    • Bicycles must be parked and locked each day in a bike rack.
    • Only one person can ride a bicycle.
    • Always follow a planned, direct route to your destination.
    • Please be patient and observant—young children sometimes forget that driveways and streets are for cars. No appointment or deadline is more important than a child’s safety.
    • Do not use your cell phone while driving in or around Roberts Elementary.
    • Only allow your child to exit or enter on the curb side of the vehicle.
    • Observe speed limit signs.
    • Do not attempt to pass a slow or stopped vehicle.
    • Only one person is in charge of our major intersections…our crossing guards. Please pay close attention to the directions they give you when approaching our intersections.

    Drop-Off via Car

    Students should not arrive before 7:15 a.m. Students should be dropped off from the right lane of the Circle Drive, exiting the vehicle on the curbside, if they are able to walk in by themselves. Parents should not park in the Circle Drive, and should never get out of their vehicle to help their child unload. This is drop-off only. If your child is not ready for drop-off, please park in legal parking and escort your child into school.


    Between 7:15 and 7:30 a.m. Parents may drop off children in the Circle Drive where teachers and staff are on hand to lead children from their cars. 


    Guidelines for Using Circle Drive Supervised Car Drop-Off:

    Use caution when entering and exiting the Circle Drive.
    Do not park your car for any amount of time (whether you remain in the car or not) in the Circle Drive before school.
    Move forward as far as possible, following the directions of the staff on hand.
    Vehicles using the right lane of traffic should have all passengers exit the vehicle on the curbside.
    The left lane of the Circle Drive should only be used when staff is on duty to help your child exit and safely cross to the covered walkway.
    NEVER get out of your vehicle to help your child unload, staff is on-hand to do that.
    Drivers should NEVER attempt to pass another vehicle in the drop-off line.

    If you wish to walk your child onto the school grounds, you must legally park your car; remember, there is absolutely no parking allowed during drop-off in the Circle Drive or on School Street, or in any other illegal parking area (see Parking Map).

    School Street is a supervised drop-off zone and will have staff assisting students to exit cars from 7:15 a.m. to 7:25 a.m. NEVER allow your child to exit the vehicle on the other side of School Street and cross the street.

    Afternoon Pick-Up Using Car Line

    The car line for pick-up forms a single lane heading east on Swift Street (from Greenbriar) and turns south onto School Street. The line begins to form approximately 20 minutes before dismissal time. As a courtesy to your fellow Roberts parents and to ensure our children’s safety, please:
    Do NOT “cut” the pick-up line by approaching it from the east side of Swift Street. Doing so is inconsiderate to others who have been waiting on Swift Street and it slows down pick-up.
    Turning left onto School Street from Addison is illegal!
    Do not park your car for any amount of time (whether you remain in the car or not) on School or Swift Streets while the pick-up line is in progress.
    Do not leave your car for any reason while in the pick-up line, even to help your child load. Faculty is available for that purpose.
    Refrain from using your cell phone while in the pick-up line.
    Follow the directions of the staff to move your car as far forward in line as possible before your child enters the car.

    Have your child use ONLY the curb-side doors of your car. Staff are prohibited from loading students on the street-side of the car.
    Parking Map