• School Carpool










    Campus grounds open at 7:15 am. Please do not drop off students BEFORE 7:15 am. There is no staff on duty for supervision.

    3 entry points:

    1. Small gate on Circle Drive (moving car line; no parking)

    2. Small gate on School Street (moving car line; no parking; gate closes at 7:25 am; students need to enter through the Circle Drive)

    3. Greenbriar Gate on Greenbriar Drive (gate closes at 7:25 am; students need to enter through the Circle Drive)

    • Kindergarten, 1st and 4th grade students will wait at the covered blacktop/basketball area. (see Morning Arrival Map below)
    • 2nd and 3rd grade will wait at the deck by the playground. (see Morning Arrival Map below)
    • 5th grade will wait at the deck by the Circle Drive. (see Morning Arrival Map below)

    Please note: the Circle Drive is closed during the following times: 7:00AM-7:45AM and 2:00PM-4:00PM. There is NO parking in the Circle Drive during these times. 

    Dismissal: please note, the cut-off to pick up students early is 2:15 pm

    1. The Afternoon Carpool line starts on School St. and wraps around to Swift St. and Greenbriar Dr. If there is an ACTIVE car line moving, please join the line on Greenbriar northbound (from Holcombe). Do NOT cross Greenbriar eastbound on Swift (from Kirby) and NO turning left on Swift from Greenbriar southbound (from Rice area).

    2. Parent Walk-up: Parents will enter through the small gate at the Circle Drive and line up around the flagpole. Please have a sign with your child's FULL name and grade level to help expedite the calling of students.

    3. Independent walkers will exit through the small gate at the soccer field on School Street. Independent walkers are for grades 2nd and up only. 

    After 3:15, it is considered a late pick-up. You will need to check out your child from the Reception desk. As always, you need to bring a valid ID to check out a student. 

    Morning Drop-off and Afternoon Pick-up Procedures

    Morning Arrival Map

    Afternoon Dismissal Map

    Traffic Safety Guidelines