• C.A.S.E.Y Club Program
          C - Cultivate
          A - Advise
          S - Support
          E - Empower
          Y - Youth
    • To create and foster a career path to become a Firefighter/EMT in high school Sophmores, Juniors and Seniors


    • There was no branding nor was there a structured program created to concentrate on groups of diverse students heading to graduation and embarking on their careers


    • To embed a brand and a structured program
    • To remove the myth that firefighters only fight fires, and we will be able to highlight all areas of a career in the fire service
    • To consistentlly engage with students to find interested candidates
    • To build self-esteem, social and behavioral skills, encourage and foster students to be good citizens and great role models among their peers

    7 to 9 Meetings per School Year

    September - Recruitment - Overview of the program
    October thru November - What it takes to be a firefighter, expectations and Fire Fest
    December thru February - Introduction to other areas of Fire Service Careers
    March thru May - FIre/EMT Community College Presentations and Tours, Val Jahnke Training Academy,  and/or Fire Station tours


    What does it mean for you?
    1. Take charge of your career/future
    2. Good Citizen and Great Role Model
    3. Earn Volunteer Hours
    4. Member of a Club/Brotherhood - Sisterhood
    5. Field Trips
    6. Get Casey Club Program giveaways