• Tips for freshmen

    Staying On Track:

    • Get to know your counselor
    • Set high goals for getting good grades
    • Meet new people by joining an organization
    • Ask about extra help and tutoring programs
    • Visit the school’s College/Career Go Center
    • Keep up with your assignments and develop good study habits
    • Inquire about summer programs
    • Learn to manage stress
    • Register for Naviance
    • Attend grade-level information forum
    • Apply for Pre-AP classes after 2nd cycle (November)

    Extracurricular Activities:

    • Set yourself apart
    • Get involved
    • Assume leadership positions
    • Take the initiative to head new projects
    • Make a difference

    Time Management:

    • Use a planning calendar
    • Make a daily “to do” list
    • Schedule regular study time
    • Set goals
    • Get organized
    • Focus
    • Get enough sleep