Principal's Message




    New Worthing Principal  


    Alexandria Gregoire


    Alexandria Gregoire grew up on the Southside of Chicago and attended Carleton College where she majored in Biology. She relocated to Houston and began her career in education as an Apollo Tutor at North Forest. She continued working in the Houston Independent School District as a Science Teacher at Booker T. Washington, a Curriculum Specialist & Dean of Instruction at Milby, and most recently served as the Dean of Instruction at Holland Middle School.


    Honorably selected to fulfill her life-long dream of becoming a campus administrator in an urban area, Principal Gregoire is a natural born leader who now proudly serves the Sunnyside community. She considers it a privilege to partner with Worthing Early College High School parents, feeder pattern administrators, and her team of committed campus educators who are equally enthusiastic about empowering tomorrow’s leaders today.


    Her compelling vision is to establish a culture of academic, social, and emotional excellence by equipping Worthing Early College High School students with skills needed for success in college, the workforce, and our global society. This constitutes her most ‘worthy’ goal.