• Student Bus Badge Program

    Transportation Services announces that it is launching a new Student Badge Program for HISD bus riders. Part of a continued effort to provide better service to students, the program will provide the district with real-time ridership data — information that is essential to improving bus routing, analyzing bus utilization, and providing accurate ridership data to the state. But more importantly, it will give us a renewed focus on safety as it lets us track when and where students get on and off the bus and alert parents who sign up for the service with real-time notifications via text or email.


    Badge distribution will take place during the second half of October 2018. However, actual badge use and associated tracking will be rolled out in phases, allowing Transportation Services time to refine the program and address unforeseen issues.


    Attached are several resources designed to help inform parents and students about this program. The digital toolkit includes:


    Instructional Video: 30-second instructional video showing students how to scan their badges when getting on and off the bus. 


    FAQ: Common questions and answers associated with the Student Badge Program. This document can prove helpful in answering student and parent questions and can be posted on your website or distributed to parents. 


    Information Sheet: A one-page fact sheet with basic information about the Student Badge Program. This can be can be posted on your website or distributed to parents.


    Should parents and students have questions that can't be answered with this information, please refer to www.houstonisd.org/transportation or Customer Care at 713-556-9400.