Name that Book

  • The Name That Book contest, coordinated by the HISD Department of Library Services, serves to acquaint HISD students with classic literature as well as contemporary award-winning books, representing a variety of genres. The district-wide competition is held in the spring. 
    Students interested in participating in NTB meet approximately once every other week in the library during the lunch hour to discuss specific books chosen for that date. We discuss plot, characters, as well as all other story elements, and similarities to any of the other books on the NTB list. Around mid-October we will begin practicing quotes from the books- reading a quote and letting students tell us which book it came from.
    Students are also offered time to read every Tuesday in Ms. Epps’ office during their lunch period.
    In December, we will give a qualifying test. This test will include one quote from each of the 30 books. The six students with the highest score make the team, as well as two alternates. This is open to any 3-5 grader that has read the books.
    In January, the team begins meeting twice a week after school. We call out quotes from books and have students tell us which books they are from, within a 45 second time limit. We also discuss the books in further detail and reread books.
    Students need to be able to read a high volume of books and remember lots of details. It’s important for students to attend book talks in the library and read the required books if they plan on taking the qualifying test.
  • Achievements:  
    1st Place Champions in K-2nd Grade Division 2016-2017
    1st Place Champions in 3rd-6th Grade Division 2015