Roberts Math Team




    The Roberts Math team is gearing up for the 2022-2023 school year. The team was formed by a group of Roberts' parents who teach and do research in STEM fields. The goal of the team is to support STEM education and provide an activity where students can develop confidence in problem-solving skills and a love of math.


    Eligibility:  Only 4th and 5th-grade students are eligible to participate in the Team. Students should be interested in math and committed to developing the skills and stamina necessary for solving math problems.


    Weekly Team Meetings:  The Math Team will have weekly meetings at Roberts from 3:00-4:15pm on TBD (rooms TBD). The first meeting will be TBD. In this meeting, we will do some simple assessments, discuss the rules and objectives of the Math Olympiad competition, and give students a packet of materials that they can begin to review and work on at home. Subsequent sessions will involve some instruction-mainly of new mathematical concepts and problem-solving strategies, working in groups to solve problems and practice problem-solving skills related to the Math Olympiad contests, and participating in games puzzles, and other math-related activities.


    Registration and Participation:  The Math Team is capped at 30 students. Team members must commit to attending weekly sessions and participating in all of the Math Olympiad competitions. In addition, they must follow all rules of the Roberts Math Team. There are no fees for participating in the Math Team.



    Olympiad Competitions:  The team will compete in the Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS). MOEMS is a nonprofit corporation that provides opportunities for children to engage in creative problem-solving activities. The monthly Olympiad math competitions will take place at Roberts during one of the regularly scheduled Thursday morning meetings. There is no travel involved. There are five competitions starting in November and continuing until March. Each contest consists of five non-routine problems. Every problem requires careful mathematical thinking and has a time limit.  Students work alone and score 1 point for each correct answer. After each contest, results are submitted to MOEMS for scorekeeping. MOEMS keeps track of individual and team points and provides certificates and awards at the end of the season.