All medications, including over the counter (OTC) medicines, prescribed medications, inhalers, etc. must be kept in the clinic at all times. Students are not permitted to bring medication to school and keep in their possession.  This includes throat lozenges, tylenol, or other OTC meds that they may be taking at home.
    Students taking any daily medication, as needed, or on a long term basis during school hours, must have an HISD medical authorization on file in the clinic.  This form requests and grants permission for the medication to be given by the nurse and is signed by both the parent/guardian and the Health Care Provider.  Medications will not be accepted unless they are accompanied by this form.
    In addition to the Medication Administration During School Hours Form, certain medications require an additional form.  This includes medication for asthma, seizures, and diabetes.  The forms for seizure and asthma medications are also included in the attachment links below.  The forms for diabetic medications will come directly from your child's physician.
    Children with severe life-threatening food allergies will require certain medications to be kept in the clinic for their use.  These generally include Benadryl and EpiPens.  Specific forms for these medications are also needed and are attached below. 
    Medications must be sent to the school in the original container with the pharmacy label.
    In certain instances, some students may be permitted to carry their medications with them, ie: diabetic pumps, rescue inhalers, or EpiPens. Special permission is granted when age appropriate and when the parent and physician have completed the appropriate supplemental forms that are available from the nurses' office.
    No medications are kept in the clinic after the end of the school year.  Each May a note is sent home to each parent/guardian notifying you to pick up your child's meds on the last day of school.  Medications cannot be sent home with the student.  Any medications that are left at the school on the final day of the year are destroyed as per FDA and DEA guidelines.
    If you have any questions regarding medication administration during the school day, please contact the nurse.