• Health and Medical Services: 713-556-7280

    Preparing your child for school means more than getting the right school supplies and uniforms—parents should also update their child's immunizations. When enrolling your child in school, be sure to bring to the school a record of your child’s current immunizations signed by a doctor. Your child may be eligible to enroll provisionally if the required immunization process has begun.

    For more information about required immunizations, call Health Services at 713-556-7280. More immunization information is available on the HISD Health Services website.

    Some organizations offer free immunizations to eligible children through their regular healthcare providers, such as Texas Vaccinations for Children. Others offer free immunizations during specific hours on certain days of the month. For other clinic locations that offer free vaccinations (including those provided by the City of Houston), call Health and Medical Services at 713-556-7280

    To view the medical requirements for attendance at an HISD school, click here to visit the Health & Medical website.