• I've taught vocal music at Lovett for nineteen years and love being able to sing with kids every day! My bachelor's degree is from Sam Houston State University, with certification in Elementary Classroom and Elementary Music. I've been fortunate to receive the Jim & Glenda Casey award from Texas Choral Directors' Association in 2010 and to have been selected as a fellow for the Fund For Teachers class of 2012. 

    Everyone can learn to sing, but the sooner you start the better!  Zoltan Kodaly, the ethnomusicologist, stated that "music education begins nine months before the birth of the mother".  All those little 'baby' songs parents sing to their small children lay the foundation for future musical literacy.  Lullabies, fingerplay songs, and singing games give your child the opportunity to develop inner hearing.  Don't worry if you think you sing out of tune - your child learns more from YOU singing to him/her than from any expensive or commercial product!