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    Contact Ms. Mesa with any questions you may have about PowerUp

    If the laptop is lost, stolen or broken, contact Mr. Perez Immediately


    Please fill out this Techtown Ticket if you are in need of a laptop, laptop is broken/damaged or need to swap out charger.   

    If you have lost your charger,  please pay for another here   and then signup for a time to get a new one




    Sign Up!


    Internet Access for Students at Home


    *** If you see the message "Windows license will expire soon" do not worry. It will NOT expire. Ignore the message, it will not affect your laptop." 


    HOTSPOTS: There is a process to receiving a hotspot. Once your Grade Level AP/counselor receives a message from  you that you need one. You will be inputted into the new student system. The district runs a report and we then have to wait until they are delivered to our campus. We do not have an exact time frame. Please be patient as we wait to received them. Thank you





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