2nd Grade Band Intro is offered to second grade students as group instruction during the week. Students learn to play the soprano recorder and go through training. During this time students will learn how to read music notes, learn proper techniques to play a wind instrument including breath support, and will be challenged learn a series of songs on the recorder.

    After Pre-Band, students advance to beginner band and begin instruction on an actual band instrument.
    3rd Grade Beginner Band instruction on instrument begins in third grade. Each student has the option of renting an instrument from a music shop or renting a school instrument. Students will have a large group instruction lesson during the school week.

    Students will choose one instrument to learn flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, snare drum or alto sax.

    During this year students will learn how to properly assemble and care for the instrument. Students will also learn how to play different styles of music on the selected instrument.
    4th and 5th Grade Advanced Band is offered to those students in grades 4 and 5 who have spent at least one year in the Beginner Band at Longfellow. Each student receives a school instrument, large group instruction during the school week, and after school enrichment practice once a week. Advanced Band students participate in HISD All-City Band and HISD Elementary Solo and ensemble competition. Students also travel to various music competitions to perform and compete for awards and recognition.