2nd – 3rd grade choirs at Longfellow learn the fundamentals of the art of performing as a singer through proper breathing techniques, breath support, posture, vocal phonation, intonation, resonance, and clear diction. Singers in 2nd – 3rd grade are introduced to a brief overview of music theory and music history which include various concepts of musical elements from rhythms, letter names, and solfege to different musical genres, composers, and more.

    4th – 5th grade choirs at Longfellow polish their vocal technique and hone in on their musicianship and artistic skills through more challenging vocal choral repertoire, performing at music festivals and competitions, and opportunities to express their individual unique voices apart from the ensemble with solo parts. Singers in 4th – 5th grade are more deeply exposed to the vast array of musical elements and concepts.

    4th and 5th grade boys have the opportunity to audition and perform with the Houston Boys Choir. Choirs at Longfellow are exposed to performances by the Hobby Center, Houston Rodeo, Houston Children’s Chorus, and Houston Grand Opera.