• For more information about Longfellow Elementary School and our outstanding Fine Arts/Magnet program, please come to our campus tours every Thursday between 9 and 10AM. We look forward to meeting you!



    Art Program

    Longfellow’s visual art magnet strives to creatively combine all the best elements of STEAM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Math.)  We learn about reflection and refraction during our lesson on color mixing.  We practice our measurement during our lessons on lines and shapes.  We talk about famous artists but also what was going on during their lives.  And we build artistic things!  From robots to photography to messy masterpieces, it’s always busy in the art room.

    Band Program

    The band program offers students to learn how to play instruments like the flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, trombone, and various percussion instruments. Students are introduced to music and rhythm’s in pre-k, kindergarten and 1st grade. During 2nd grade families are allowed to choose band as the main program to follow until 5th grade. In 2nd grade students will start off on recorder and begin to learn how to properly play a wind instrument and read music. In 3rd grade students join beginner band. Here they receive the actual instrument of their choice and begin to learn how properly play and take care of it. Advance band is offered to 4th and 5th grade students. Students continue to learn how to play the instrument they have chosen and perform regularly at school and off campus performances like the rodeo, jazz competitions, All city, and several other recognized events. 

    Choir Program

    Longfellow choirs from 2nd – 5th grade learn to find their voices through proper phonation, vocal technique, respiration, clear diction and expression. Singers are taught how to perform together as an ensemble, but are also encouraged to explore and express their individual artistic voice. In addition to performing, choirs at Longfellow are taught music theory, sight reading, vocal choral literature, and music history.


    Longfellow Dance is about building confidence, encouraging creativity, and setting students up for success. Dancers focus on ballet to develop proper body alignment and technique. They connect to rhythm, movement and storytelling through Jazz Dance. In Modern Dance, Creative Movement, and Choreography students explore and find their own artistic voice. Children study World dance throughout the year to better understand others and build stronger communities. We prepare students with the skills to lead themselves toward success in life by focusing on participation, preparedness, technique, and self-reflection. We do this all while using the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to encourage personal growth and excellence.


    Longfellow Orchestra has distinguished itself in the Houston musical community with its high-quality musicianship and full Orchestra parts-playing.  Beginning in 2nd-5th grade, Longfellow’s Orchestra is a full string orchestra, playing parts in harmony on violin, viola, cello, and double bass.  Mrs. Snow has directed the Orchestra program since 2005, and her groups consistently bring back 1st place, Superior ratings at area musical festivals every year--festivals geared towards older, more experienced middle and high school players.  Her students learn to read music and hold independent parts, and love to use their music to give back within our Houston community. 

    Mrs. Snow spearheads the Black Heritage performance at the Houston Rodeo and community outreach concerts at Levy Park and Jones Hall, runs the district-wide HISD strings festival, coordinates the HISD Elementary All City Orchestra program, and personally makes sure her kids “Carol” in the Harris County Hospitals every year.

    Under Mrs.Snow’s guidance, the Orchestra has flourished at Longfellow into a group of outstanding young musicians who are passionate about making music and making a difference in their community.

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