• h      Heights Clubs and Organizations

    Heights High School offers a variety of Clubs and Organizations that students can participate in. 

    If you are interested in being a part of any of these clubs or organizations, please feel free to contact the appropriate sponsor.

Club/Organization Name Club President Club Sponsor Sponsor Email
Baseball Christian Soto David Petty dpetty@houstonisd.org
Black Student Union Naomi Wright naomi.wright@houstonisd.org
Blockchain Club Isaiah Perez Anthony White awhite15@houstonisd.org
Boys & Girls Track NA Alfredo Vizcarra Alfredo.Vizcarra@houstonisd.org
Boys Basketball NA Ralph Barreras rbarrer4@houstonisd.org
Boys Soccer Team N/A Hank Deslaurier Hank.Deslaurier@houstonisd.org
Business Professionals of America (BPA) not elected yet Vesta Pears vpears@houstonisd.org
Christian Student Union Clifford Melchor Jonez Harlan jharlan@houstonisd.org
Color Guard NA Matthew Caballero matthew.caballero@houstonisd.org
Comic Book Club TBD Anthony White & Nathalie Rivas awhite15@houstonisd.org nathalie.rivas@houstonisd.org
Cross Country NA Kyla Owens Kyla.Owens@houstonisd.org
Cycling Club TBD Luis Pruneda lpruned2@houstonisd.org
Digital Illustration TBD Luis Pruneda lpruned2@houstonisd.org
Ecology/Monarch Butterfly Garden Club Alexa Ramirez Sophia Castillo, Ms. Wu, Ms. Stang, Mr. Baker scastil2@houstonisd.org
Football Stephen Dixon Stephen Dixon sdixon1@houstonisd.org
Future Business Leaders of America FBLA Bridget Martinez Regina Gray Rgray@houstonisd.org
GENTS NA Larry Davis Jr ldavis22@houstonisd.org
German Club Mark Johnson mjohns43@houstonisd.org
Girls Basketball Janiaya Johnson & Tatianna Brown Kerrick Arrington karringt@houstonisd.org
Girls Soccer NA Elizabeth Adams elizabeth.adams@houstonisd.org
Girls Tennis Mr. Corona icorona@houstonisd.org
Golf Stacia Frank Jenna Harris jharri28@houstonisd.org
GSA Sarah Baldovino Jaudon Robin Diers EFLOCKE@houstonisd.org
Heights Debate Team Alice Waters Isaac Chao ichao@houstonisd.org
Heights eDAWGS eSports NA Kenneth Spencer, Impresario Maizumi Kenneth.Spencer@houstonisd.org Impresario.Maizumi@houstonisd.org