What is the G/T test?

  • Students shall be assessed for identification as gifted and talented according to TEC §29.122TAC §89.1HISD Board Policy and the Student Assessment section of the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students.


    Students in grades K-12 are eligible for assessment and, if identified as G/T, are provided services (TEC 29.122 and 19 TAC §89.1(3)):

    • All students living within HISD and not currently G/T-identified in HISD are eligible for G/T assessment once per school year.
    • All HISD kindergarten and fifth grade students not currently G/T-identified are assessed.
    • Assessment criteria is specified on the HISD G/T Identification Matrix.
    • All assessments are administered during established testing schedules/timelines by trained HISD staff at the student’s current HISD school or a location designated by the Gifted and Talented Department.
    • Assessments from outside sources are not accepted.


    Final determination of a student’s need for G/T services is made by a committee of at least three local district or campus educators who have received training in the nature and needs of G/T students and who have met and reviewed the individual student data (TAC §89.1(4); State Plan 1.7C).  Upon completion of the Gifted and Talented Admissions Committee meeting, families and staff are informed of student assessment results and HISD G/T qualification by the processing campus.