Frequently Asked Questions About Testing

  • GT Testing is available for any student attending Meyerland or any student who lives in the Meyerland zone who are not identified as GT.  A request for assessment form and teacher recommendation must be filled out prior to testing as all testing is done online.  Listed below are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).  Please see our GT Coordinator, Ms. C. Johnson, for any additional questions you may have at



    Q: If my child was currently identified as GT in elementary or middle school by HISD, do they need to test again?

    A: No. Any child identified as GT retains their identification unless they leave HISD or the child’s GT status was removed by a GT committee decision through the use of a gifted written report (GWR).


    Q:My child was identified as GT in a different school district. Does their status transfer?

    A: No. GT identification from another district must be approved by the HISD GT Department. Original matrix received from previous district must be submit to the campus GT coordinator who will send it to HISD GT Department for acceptance.  If it is not accepted, your student must be retested to be identified.


    Q: My child does not attend Meyerland but lives in Meyerland’s zone and is currently applying for a magnet high school. Can my child test at Meyerland?

    A: Yes. The applicant can test at the HISD school where he/she is zoned to attend. Parent must request testing via email to the GT Coordinator, Ms. C. Johnson.


    Q: What days will testing occur and how will we know what day my child will test?

    A: Testing will occur on various days late November until the second week in December. Ms. Johnson will send an email confirming the date and time your child will be tested.


    Q: What steps do I need to take to have my child tested?

    A: Complete the HISD GT Testing Application which includes application and teacher recommendation forms. All forms must be turned into Ms. C. Johnson by December 6, 2021.  Forms can be accessed from school or located on Meyerland’s school website.


    Note:  If you child did not attend an HISD school during the 2020-2021 school year and your child currently attends MPVA, you must submit an end of year report card by December 7, 2021.


    Q: When is the deadline for applying for GT testing at Meyerland MS ?

    A: The deadline for testing at Meyerland is November 6, 2021 for both Vanguard Magnet applicants and GT Neighborhood applicants.


    Student Assessment

    Students shall be assessed for identification as gifted and talented according to TEC §29.122; TAC §89.1; HISD Board Policy and the Student Assessment section of the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students.

    Students in grades K-12 are eligible for assessment and, if identified as G/T, are provided services (TEC 29.122 and 19 TAC §89.1(3));

    • All students living within HISD and not currently G/T-identified in HISD are eligible for G/T assessment once per school year;
    • All HISD kindergarten and fifth grade students not currently G/T-identified are assessed;
    • Assessment criteria is specified on the HISD G/T Identification Matrix;
    • All assessments are administered during established testing schedules/timelines by trained HISD staff at the student’s current HISD school or a location designated by the Gifted and Talented Department;
    • Assessments from outside sources are not accepted;
    • Students must be five years old on or before September 1st of the given school year to be eligible for Entering Kindergarten Gifted and Talented testing;