• SDMC Committee

    The Travis Elementary Shared Decision-Making Committee (SDMC) meets for the purpose of implementing planning process  and site-based decision making in accordance with Houston ISD School Board policy and administrative procedure.

    The SDMC is an advisory group to the school principal, except for approval of campus staff development. The committee is comrised of classroom teacher and other professional staff, parents, community representatives, and a business representative. The principal consults with the SDMC in matters relating to the school educational program, but has the final authority in fiduciary and financial decisions. 

Meeting Dates

Committee Members

First Name Last Name Position
David Church Principal
Lauren Snead Community Member
Melissa Sternfels Community Member
Cody McGregor Community Member
Andrea French Parent
Jessie Sumners Parent
Meredith O'Rourke 1st Grade Teacher
Maria Gauthier 4th Grade Teacher
Danetta Keevill Enrichment Teacher
Taylor Rayner Kindergarten Teacher
Brittani Rideaux 5th Grade Teacher
Parker Wepasnick 1st Grade Teacher
Mary Oliver Special Education/School-based Staff
Rhianna Hart Non-Instructional Staff
Rachel Derong Kindergarten Teacher

SDMC Agendas

SDMC Minutes