• Vanguard Magnet


    Travis Elementary is a Vanguard Magnet campus.  Vanguard Programs are designed to meet the needs of Gifted and Talented (G/T) students in grades K-12 by providing a learning continuum that is differentiated in the depth, complexity, and pacing of the instruction.   The Vanguard Program is designed for G/T identified students who excel in general intellectual ability in combination with creative/productive thinking and/or leadership ability. Travis has partnered with Project Zero and uses Thinking Routines in our classrooms.  A thinking routine is a set of questions or a brief sequence of steps used to scaffold and support student thinking. PZ researchers designed thinking routines to deepen students’ thinking and to help make that thinking “visible.” Thinking routines help to reveal students’ thinking to the teacher and also help students themselves to notice and name particular “thinking moves,” making those moves more available and useful to them in other contexts.

    The Vanguard Magnet Program at Travis serves G/T identified students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  The majority of our G/T students enter Travis in Kindergarten.  Admission to the Vanguard Program requires testing and meeting the HISD qualification requirements as stated on the HISD G/T Identification Matrix.  Our Vanguard Magnet Program is designed to serve our zoned students who are identified as G/T and G/T identified students who transfer to Travis through the Magnet program.  

    The application timeline for the Magnet Program for the 2024-2025 school year has not been announced yet.  We will update the website as soon as we have more information.  Travis Elementary School will only be accepting online applications for entering Kindergarten and 1st grade students.   

    GT Evaluation Process for Zoned Families:

    Zoned families in grades K-5th who wish to apply for gifted and talented evaluation can apply through Power School or a paper application that can be picked up at the Travis Elementary front office. Students will be evaluated during the district designated testing window. Information about this timeline will be posted soon.  Universal gifted and talented testing will take place for zoned Second grade students who have not yet been identified.  This is a change from years previous. Notification of acceptance and G/T identification will be sent to families in April 2024.