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    Academics: All About Connections

    At Travis, programming is designed to meet the needs of all our varied learners. The Vanguard program provides a learning continuum for gifted and talented (GT) students that is differentiated in depth, complexity, and pacing and fosters creative/productive thinking and/or leadership ability. All Travis teachers are GT certified and trained in these guiding principles, which form the foundation of our instructional approach. In all classrooms, instruction is accelerated and adjusted as necessary to accommodate all student ability levels and learning styles.


    Across the Curriculum

    At Travis Elementary, we value intellectual and academic growth.  Through interdisciplinary instruction, we integrate subject matter and help students make connections that lead to understanding.  Teachers at every grade level engage students through units of study with a broad array of themes.  Building on students’ curiosity, we create unique learning opportunities that emphasize inquiry-based learning and investigative research to solve problems and extend our thinking.


    Individualized, Hands-On Education

    Our beautiful library is the hub of the school.  It operates on an open schedule for greater access to literature and research tools.  We teach an individualized reading program that builds upon guided reading.  Through Project Zero, students learn to critically examine literature through thoughtful discussion.

    Our students master math concepts through hands-on learning that emphasizes real-world connections and the use of multiple problem-solving strategies.  Weekly visits to our science lab help teach our students how to collaborate on scientific investigations.  We enrich traditional academics with art, physical education, music, creative movement, and computer education.


    Cultural Enrichment

    Our fine arts initiatives offer exploration in dance, opera, theater, traveling art exhibits, and music.  Our students travel to the Alley Theater, Wortham Center, Mainstreet Theater, The Menil Collection, and other fine arts venues. We partner with DaCamera of Houston's teachers and musicians to bring "Music Encounters" to the classroom, technology lab, science lab, and in the garden.


    Discovery through Field Trips and Campouts

    At Travis, we believe in learning through discovery.  Kindergartners take a family campout to Lake Livingston as well as walking field trips throughout the neighborhood.  First Graders expand on their social studies and science curriculum with trips to George Ranch and Moody Gardens.  Second Graders head to Huntsville State Park for a family campout as a culmination of a study of birds and plants.  Third Graders incorporate their fine arts experiences with a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts and the Menil Collection.  Fourth Graders explore cross-curricular themes with trips to Museum of Natural Science, Menil Collection, and various outdoor settings.   Fifth graders have the opportunity for a three day science adventure.


    Unique Learning Opportunities

    We create a child-centered environment with innovative programming that encourages our diverse student population to learn in new ways. We partner with Writer's in the Schools (WITS) to add creativity to our reading and writing instruction, nurturing the growth of the imagination and awakening students to the adventures of language. Step outside and learning is enhanced through the Kindergarten Outdoor Learning Centers and for all students in the beautiful Blackstone Garden, the oldest school garden in the state of Texas. Our students are immersed in other unique learning opportunities, such as the First Grade Wax Museum, the Second Grade Economic Fair, and the Third Grade Drama Integration.