• Do you accept out of district applicants?

      As stated by the HISD Transfer Department, "No out-of-district transfers will be accepted into secondary Separate and Unique school magnet programs, early college high schools, or other schools on campuses that do not have an attendance zone."

    • Do you accept students at all grade levels?

      No, we only accept 9th and 10th grade applicants.  The early college program is a 4 year course which does not allow the ability for transfers after 10th grade. 

    • Do you consider anything else with the application?

      No. For equity purposes, we do not consider recommendation letters, resumes, awards, projects, photos, or anything not listed on the application.

    • Do you have UIL sports at your campus?

      No, if a student is interested in participating in IUL sports, they may try out and play for their zoned school. 

    • Do you provide transportation?

      The HISD Transportation Department will provide transportation to students who live more than 2 miles from our campus.

    • How do I know what school my child is zoned to in HISD?

      Enter your address at this link: Find a School

    • How do you apply?

      You can submit an online application at HISD Choice.  You can apply to a total of five (5) Magnet Programs.  We strongly suggest that you apply to more than one magnet program.  You must rank the schools you are applying to in the order of preference.  

    • How does ranking applications work?

      It is very important that you rank the schools you are applying to in the order of preference.

      Once accepted into a program, all of a student’s lesser-ranked applications, including any other acceptances, will be “dropped” or “released”, so that those spots can be offered to other students. For example, if you get accepted into your #1 ranked choice and applied to 3 programs, the #2 and #3 choice will be dropped.

      Please read the Office of School Choice's explanation of school rankings by clicking here.

    • How many students are accepted into your program?

      We have about 130 spaces available for 9th graders and 10 for 10th graders.  There are more qualified applicants than spaces available; a lottery will be used to select students from those with qualifying matrix scores.  All lottery sessions are held at the Hattie Mae White Education Support Center by the Office of School Choice.

    • I have applied, what happens next?

      Notifications will be sent out January 28, 2022 letting you know whether or not your child has been offered a seat.  As we process applications before that date, you might receive an email from us letting you know your child's application is incomplete or missing informations. 

      Please keep a look out in your email for messages from us.  Keep your login information handy for the Application System as you can always log in and check the status of the application or for any notes we might have regarding the application.

    • Incomplete Applications = Unprocessed Applications

      Failure to provide the necessary documents needed will result in not being able to process your child's application for consideration. 

      It is the parents responsibility that applications are complete by the deadlines established for processing.

    • My child has qualified and has been offered a seat into your program. What are the next steps?

      If your child is offered a seat, you must complete the enrollment procedures by the deadline of February 10, 2022

      You will have to submit a signed entrance agreement along with proof of HISD residency.  You will be emailed with specific instructions of what needs to be submitted along with all forms that are required. 

      It is imperative that we have correct contact information so that you receive all communications from us.

    • What are the requirements for acceptance into your program?

      • Students must have a minimum matrix score of "65" in order to qualify.
    • What can be submitted as proof of HISD residency?

      We will only accept the following:

      1. A current (within the last 3 month) electric bill, natural gas bill, water bill, AND

      2. A valid lease agreement (if the resident is renting) or Harris County property tax statement for the homestead

    • What if my application is late?

      Applications received after November 11, 2021 will be accepted but considered only on a space available basis.  Prior years, due to the high volume of application received during the first phase, we have not moved beyond Phase 1 applicants.  Make sure you submit your child's application on time!

    • What if the utility bills are in someone else's name? What else would you need

      As per Federal and State Compliance, the following documentation is needed:

      • Photo Identification from both the parent and the resident
      • A Statement of Residence form
      • A letter from the resident detailing the names of all individuals residing at the address along with the time period that they will be living at the residence
      • the residents' current electric bill, natural gas bill, water bill, or valid lease agreement (all names must be listed on the lease agreement)
    • What is the deadline to apply?

      Applications must be submitted no later than November 11, 2021, for guaranteed consideration in the first round of applicants.

    • What needs to be submitted with the application?

      If your child was NOT in HISD last year, please attach the following documents to your application:

      1. A copy of your child's end of year report card for the 2020-2021 school year, and

      2. A copy of all standardized test results (IOWA/Logramos or Stanfor/Aprenda and STAAR) for 2020-2021 that your child took in a non-HISD school

    • What score does my child need on their matrix in order to qualify for the program?

      Students need a minimum of an 65 in order to qualify for the lottery.  Read more about how the matrix score is calculated by clicking here.  Magnet Matrix Calculator

    • When are tours available?

      This year, virtual tours will be held every Thursday at 1pm and 6pm starting through November 11th


    • When should my child start to apply?

      During your child's 8th grade year to be considered for admittance here for the 9th grade.  Application for the 2021-2023 school year will be available starting Saturday, September 17, 2021.  Applications must be submitted by November 11, 2021.