• NETC Strategic Design



    To remain the global leader in rapid development and delivery of effective, leading edge training for naval forces.

    Recruit, train, and deliver those who serve our Nation, taking them from street-to-fleet by transforming civilians into highly skilled, operational, and combat ready warfighters.
    • Strive for Excellence, Operate with Integrity and Accountability
    • Foster Communication and Collaboration
    • Deliver Unparalleled Service
    • Promote Data-driven and Predictive Analytics
    • Optimize the Learning Environment | To deliver combat ready warfighters, NETC must apply innovative concepts to expand Force Development’s effectiveness through integration of emerging technologies. Integrating these technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality/virtual reality, and neural language processing will aid recruiting efforts, enhance learning, reduce time to train and attrition, and provide highly skilled Sailors to the fleet.
    • Enhance Warfighter Readiness​ | In close coordination and collaboration with the fleet, we will continuously assess and improve our training by evaluating those we train against desired and stated objectives, and the outcomes necessary to ensure warfighting readiness. By embracing and integrating emerging technology and increasing the interoperability of data, we will improve warfighter readiness.
    • Build an Agile and Adaptive Team​ | To be successful in the complex world of uncertainty and global competition, the Force Development Team will adapt through collaboration, coordination, continuous improvement and innovation. We will embrace change and rapidly respond to Navy needs by recruiting and training at the point-of-need and by delivering combat-ready warfighters to the fleet.
    • Data-Driven Decision Making​ | As an organization, we will leverage big data to make better informed and data-driven business decisions to create opportunities, predict future trends, optimize current operations, and produce actionable insights into our recruiting, training, and delivery of warfighters. Through data-driven decision-making, we will improve transparency and accountability, and improve teamwork and staff engagement.
    • Unity of Effort​ | To build a culture of excellence across Force Development we will synchronize and align to support the staff, the Sailor, and the fleet. Our people –military and civilian –are both our most valuable resource and the key to accomplishing NETC Force Development objectives.