• Portfolio Picnic 2024 for 1st-5th grade is set for May 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. Here is the modified lunch schedule for the Portfolio Picnic. https://www.houstonisd.org/Page/193663

    RSVP link: https://forms.office.com/r/5ZH62nwVtn.

    RAINY DAY PLAN: If the weather does not permit us to hold Portfolio Picnic outdoor, we will reschedule the lunch picnics to Wed, May 22nd and Thurs, May 23rd at 5:45 pm. It will be held inside the building.

    All parents must RSVP to attend. The deadline to RSVP was Friday, May 17th. RSVP link: https://forms.office.com/r/5ZH62nwVtn.

    Please email kristina.tran@houstonisd.org for questions or if you need to change your RSVP.

    Kindergarten Portfolio Picnic is scheduled for Thursday, May 30th. More information is forthcoming.

    How does the IB Portfolio Picnic work?

    1. You will RSVP for the event via the link above. Please note your child's special lunchtime for the event if you are coming during lunchtime.
    2. On the day of, check-in at the Circle Drive. Your child will be waiting for your arrival at the front. Once you check-in, we will release your child and their IB Portfolio.
    3. You and your child will picnic on the lawn on the Greenbriar side. (Please note that picnic blankets are not provided. Parents bring their own picnic materials and food. Playgrounds are off-limit during the Portfolio Picnic.)
    4. Your child will share their IB Portfolio during the blocked 45-min schedule. 
    5. Towards the end of your scheduled time, you will complete the Portfolio Picnic Parent Letter.
    6. You will return all items when you are finished with the portfolio.
    7. You and your child will go back to the check-out table at the Circle Drive to return the IB Portfolio
    8. Your child will return to class and you are free to go!


    portfolio picnic map