• Elective Showcase

    This Elective Showcase section of our website is designed to spotlight a selection of the outstanding classes available to our Chargers at Pin Oak. These electives offer a glimpse into the diverse and enriching opportunities we provide, aiming to cater to a wide range of interests and passions. Please note: Our elective offerings are refreshed annually to stay current with student interests, teachers, and resource availability. Consequently, the availability of specific electives may vary from year to year, and enrollment in a particular class cannot be guaranteed.


    About the Course

    At Pin Oak Middle School's chess elective class, we are fully committed to the comprehensive study and deliberate practice of chess. Students of all skill levels enthusiastically enroll in this course, eager to acquire the foundational knowledge and advanced techniques needed to elevate their gameplay. We warmly welcome novices, eager to learn from scratch, as well as highly skilled players with impressive FIDE ratings of up to 1600.


    Throughout the program, participants delve into various aspects of chess, including intricate tactics, strategic maneuvers, the rich history of competitive play, and invaluable tips for personal improvement. We firmly believe that there is something valuable for every individual, and advocate the belief that one's proficiency in chess is directly proportional to the number of games they actively engage in.