The primary goal of our Montessori community at Garden Oaks Montessori is to provide an environment of mutual respect which fosters our children’s natural ability to learn and supports their development into responsible world citizens. Sustaining this environment requires teachers, parents and students to work cooperatively. We believe that each member of the community has a unique role to play in creating this environment. To ensure we understand how each of us contributes to this goal, we have developed this Montessori Community Pledge outlining the commitments of each community member.  

    Please read below and fill in your name for the appropriate role and then sign at the end.  This pledge to each other will help us in creating the best possible learning environment for our children. 

    Student Commitments

    I, ___________________________________________________, in the role of Montessori student, pledge to:

    1. Respect the gifts and challenges of each student in my class.
    2. Participate in creating and following classroom rules.
    3. Be an active and respectful member of my school community in my classroom(s) and around my campus.
    4. Move with care through my classroom, showing respect for materials and the work of others.
    5. Be responsible for my learning by choosing challenging work and being honest in my school work and actions.

    Teacher Commitments

    I, _____________________________, in the role of Montessori teacher, pledge to:

    1.    Provide individualized Montessori lessons for each child.

    2.    Prepare the environment to reflect the unique needs, interests & talents of each child.

    3.    Invite parents into the classroom at least once a year to observe their child at work.

    4.    Offer at least one parent conference for each student each year. I understand more may be scheduled as requested by parent, student, or myself.

    5.    Identify classroom volunteer opportunities for parents allowing them to become active participants in their child’s school environment.

    6.    Participate in parent education presentations related to Montessori philosophy and curriculum.

     Parent Commitments

    I, _____________________________, in the role of Montessori parent, pledge to:

    1. Reinforce Montessori principles by encouraging my child(ren) to participate in the care of themselves, their environment and their learning.
    2. Commit to working with my child(ren) to ensure s/he completes his or her homework on time.
    3. Be on time to school.
    4. Read with my child(ren) for at least 20 minutes a night.
    5. Commit the time to come into the classroom and watch my child(ren) work at least once a year and attend at least one parent teacher conference per year. 
    6. Attend school sponsored parent education events related to Montessori philosophy and curriculum.
    7. Commit to 20 hours of volunteer work over the course of the school year.  I understand that in order to volunteer on the campus I must register with HISD and complete a criminal history background.  I agree to sign in at the front office when I am on campus and comply with district guidelines regarding volunteering.   (Other opportunities to volunteer are also available – see the principal to make arrangements to volunteer from home.) I would be interested in fulfilling my commitment by participating in the following types of activities:

    ______          Read to or be read to by children in the classroom.

    ______          Chaperone field trips.

    ______          Make/repair materials for the classroom.

    ______          Serve as room parent for the year.

    ______          Participate as a volunteer for fundraising activities.

    ______          Serve as a leader for fundraising activities.

    ______          Translate written materials or at special events (English/Spanish).

    ______          Assist teacher in classroom as needed.

    ______          Serve as a member of the Garden Oaks PTO (fundraising, grant writing, communications, programs)

    ______          Volunteer with the Friends of Montessori

    ______          Other: ___________________________________________

    If you are unable to fulfill your volunteer obligations, please consider making financial contributions to our Garden Oaks Montessori TPTO to sustain our Montessori program. Donations upward of $500.00 are greatly appreciated and help to continue to make Montessori education a reality in the public school setting ($500 = $50 per month/ $12.50 per week / $2.50 per day). 

    Student ____________________________  Teacher ________________________

    Parent(s) ___________________________   ______________________________