The Montessori Method of education provides a nurturing, supportive environment for children of all abilities and learning styles. This includes children with special needs, including physical disabilities; learning differences in reading, writing, spelling and/or math; ADHD; and mild-to-moderate autism spectrum disorders.


    Children learn in multi-age classes, with the same teacher, for three years. This sustained connection creates a stable, predictable environment for adults and children alike. Students are able to attend to their learning, rather than having to adjust to new people and new routines every year. See the American Montessori Society web page for more information https://amshq.org/About-Montessori/Montessori-for-Children-with-Special-Needs


    At Garden Oaks Montessori, we work to include students with same-age peers to the greatest extent possible by providing in-class support. Our resource teachers and staff members work with general education teachers to provide accommodations and modifications developed by the committee in the general education classroom. Additionally, special education staff are trained in strategies to support students with various learning challenges including dyslexia. We use the Neuhaus dyslexia curriculum and Reading by Design in small-group, pull-out classes. Speech and occupational therapy services are also provided for students who qualify.  


    We also have a self-contained early childhood program (ECSE) and two structured learning classrooms (SLC) on campus.