School Profile & Leadership

  • The five strategic plan encompasses the following areas:
    Leadership, Curriculum, Facilities and Technology Leadership

    We will recruit, on-board, mentor, develop, support, evaluate, and retain employees who comprise a high quality and diverse workforce that believes in the vision and mission of Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet with Environmental Science Leadership Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet with Environmental Science Leadership Concepts:
    · Recruitment of high quality and diverse staff
    · Onboarding process for all employees
    · Mentoring process for all employees
    · staff development
    · Leadership development at all levels
    o Administration
    o Team Leaders
    o Support Staff (Teaching Assistants, Clerks, etc.…)
    o Students
    o Parents
    o Stakeholders
    · Succession planning
    GOAL 1: To enhance the evaluation and professional development processes and supports for
    Administration, Team Leaders, Support Staff, Students and Parents to reflect the ever changing
    environment of Montessori education.
    GOAL 2: To enhance and create leadership opportunities through committees for all stakeholders to
    further enhance the education of our scholars.
    GOAL 3: Create and strengthen orientation activities for new faculty, staff and board members to enable
    them to appreciate and participate in the values and mission of the school.
    GOAL 4: The school’s administrative structure will ensure accountability for the coordinated
    implementation of the strategic plan.