Vision Statement



     We believe in engaging every student in authentic Montessori learning through our


     Core Values

    Building community

    Service to others


    Global Citizenship


    Care of the Earth

    Empowering the whole child

    Social and emotional needs

    Independence and responsibility



    Grace and courtesy

    Implementing research-based pedagogy

    Hands-on learning

    Mastery-based learning

    Cosmic task

    Peace education

    Prepared environment and prepared guide

    Freedom within limits

    Differentiated instruction

    Maximizing the potential of every individual

    Garden Oaks Creed
    I am a success! 
    I believe in myself and my ability
     to do my best. 
    I am positive, confident,
    and kind to others. 
    I am in control at all times and take
    responsibility for my actions.
    I have the courage 
    to endure and persist. 
    I know I can succeed at school
    and in my community.
    I am a Garden Oaks success!