Upcoming Meetings

  • r Join us at monthly SDMC Meetings:


    SDMC meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 8:30am

    in the Conference Room off the front lobby.   

    You can also follow our meeting on Facebook at Garden Oaks Montessori PTO and Garden Oaks Elementary

    We welcome everyone!


Committee Members

First Name Last Name Title
Dr. Lindsey Pollock lpollock@houstonisd.org Principal
Dr. Patricia Williams paw@earthlink.net Community Member - GO Alum, PDK International Past President, SHSU Professor Emeritus and Neighborhood Community Member
Jonett Miniel jminiel@hcde-texas.org Business Partner - Harris County Department of Education
Elke Eisenhauer elke.eisenhauer@houstonisd.org Upper Elementary Guide
Stephanie Dubroff-Acosta sdubroff@houstonisd.org Parent Engagement Coordinator
Matthew Jefferson mjeffer4@houstonisd.org Upper Elementary Guide - Math/Science
Jamie Scott GOMMpresident@gmail.com GOMM Parent and PTO President
Galen "Bubba" Brownley gbrownle@houstonisd.org Middle School Science - Team Lead
Marina Saenz Marina.Saenz@houstonisd.org Lower Elementary Guide
Shana Tatum shanatatum@icloud.com Community Member - Parent of Student Alumni (yes - more than one!)
Ivette Kestenbaum ikestenb@houstonisd.org SPECIAL EDUCATION Chairperson
Teresa Briggs teresa@houstonhighwaycu.com Houston Highway Credit
Cheri Edwards cedwar17@houstonisd.org School Nurse
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SDMC Agendas

SDMC Minutes