• GOMM offers a GT neighborhood program where all students are automatically tested for GT in kindergarten and (if not already qualified in kinder) again in 5th grade. This helps ensure that all eligible students are identified. In addition, students can be tested by request in grades 1-4 and 6-8.


    We have a high population of GT learners, and our GT students are able to learn from and challenges one another while also benefitting from many types of diversity within the classroom. In the Montessori classroom, gifted and talented students naturally work within their zone of proximal development and find work that helps them to grow. All of our teachers are GT certified and use their skill to individualize work for their GT students. GOMM students take part in an annual “passion project,” where they are encouraged to explore their interests and do a deep dive into a topic of their choosing. Our GT students often choose to use their passion project as the basis for the GT Expo presentation.