Faculty and Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Email Title
Laura Aasletten laaslett@houstonisd.org Magnet Coordinator and Vanguard (GT) Coordinator, Student Council and Elementary National Honor Society
Roxanne Avina RAVINA@houstonisd.org Administrators Assistant
Galen Brownley gbrownle@houstonisd.org Middle School Science Teacher
Kenneth Clayborne KCLAYBOR@houstonisd.org Teacher Assistant and Music Clubs
Shamanika Compton Shamanika.Compton@houstonisd.org Special Education Teacher
Desire Corbin desiree.corbin@houstonisd.org Upper Elementary
Rebecca Corwin RCORWIN@houstonisd.org Upper Elementary
Moses Diaz MDIAZ6@houstonisd.org Lower Elementary
Sandra Diaz SDIAZ2@houstonisd.org Lower Elementary (bilingual)
Tian Ding tian.ding@houstonisd.org Art and Mandarin Teacher
Patricia Dore PDORE@houstonisd.org Children's House (bilingual)
Christin Dreher christin.dreher@houstonisd.org Children's House
Susannah Drumm SDRUMM@houstonisd.org Middle School Lead Teacher
Stephanie Dubroff-Acosta SDUBROFF@houstonisd.org Parent Engagement Rep
Danielle Dunn Danielle.Dunn@houstonisd.org Upper Elementary
Cheri Edwards CEDWAR17@houstonisd.org Campus Nurse
Debby Ellisor debby.ellisor@houstonisd.org Intervention
Maria Fantini MFANTINI@houstonisd.org Lower Elementary
Holli Forrest Holli.Forrest@houstonisd.org Dyslexia Interventionist
Adriana Garcia AGARCIA5@houstonisd.org Children's House (bilingual)
Martin Garza Martin.Garza@houstonisd.org PE Coach
Alice Hahn AHAHN@houstonisd.org Librarian
Sara Harlan SHARLAN@houstonisd.org Children's House Lead Teacher
Richard Hebert RHEBERT@houstonisd.org Campus Instructional Technologist
Shakiri Hooper SHOOPER1@houstonisd.org Special Education Paraprofessional Student Ambassadors (formerly Safety Patrol)