Pre-K Supply List


    Crayola large crayons                                           2

    Crayola washable thick classic markers                     1

    large beginner pencils                                          2

    Fiskars 5” blunt scissors                                        1

    Elmer’s glue sticks                                                5
    Crayola 8ct watercolor set                                    1

    12 X 18 white construction paper                         50ct

    12 X 18 assorted color construction paper              50ct

    red plastic folders                                               2

     box of tissues                                                    1

    bottle of hand sanitizer with pump                         1

    bottle of liquid hand soap                                      1

    babywipes/unscented                                           1

    disinfectant wipes                                                1

     A backpack large enough to fit folder, a change of clothing, and a small blanket or towel for rest time.
    Please have EVERYDAY in the backpack.